Google Buys Metaweb

July 19, 2010

Believe it or not, the world of Google continues to expand. Google announced today that they have bought Metaweb. If you are unaware, Metaweb runs the freebase open database of 12 million interconnected entries on people, places and things. Google’s mission with this acquisition is quite simple: Help upgrade the search engine so it can come up with better answers to all queries. Metaweb will specifically help in the sense of more complex and detailed queries. Not only does Google plan to continue using freebase, but they intend to expand and develop it so others can contribute.

If you have been paying attention to TV commercials as of late, you would have probably noticed both Yahoo and Bing marketing toward using their specific search engines. It will be interesting to see both their reaction to the acquisition of Metaweb, and the direction they decide to go in attempting to compete with Google, especially in the area of search.